How to start a blog

How to start a blog

If you want help on how to start your site, you’ve come to the right place! I started this blog at the end of 2014 and also have learned so much as you go along. how to start a blog to make money

In just 10 months, I went from your newbie blogger with 1,000 page views monthly to 160,000 page views per month. I also made over $13,000 in this time period from my blog. That’s crazy!

Now I work for myself full time about this blog and as a freelancer. I even started my own business that helps fellow bloggers - check out my services here.

NONE On this would have been possible if I never started this blog! So because I am so excited with what lengths I have come, I have written a 15 page guide on the way to get started blogging. It’s also FREE - so I hope you download a duplicate!


In 10 months, my newbie blog went from 1,000 page views a month to 160,000 page views 30 days AND I made $13,000 from my blog. That's crazy! I'm sharing how to begin a brand new blog - so if you are thinking of going for it and wish some help, this FREE guide will show you EXACTLY how to start your individual blog.

I wrote this FREE 15 page manual to really get your creative juices flowing. If you were on the fence about starting your own blog, I strongly encourage that you do so! Blogging provides an outlet, a way to be creative and a place to interact with other bloggers and readers.

In case you start blogging today, to know where you can be a year from now. I never expected my life to improve as much as it did, and it’s all because I took a chance on myself to get started on blogging.

Here’s a peek:

Start a Blog Sample


What’s included:

 Should you go with Bluehost or GoDaddy for the domain and hosting needs?

 A price comparison between Bluehost and GoDaddy

 The among a “parent” theme as well as a “child theme” - and las vegas dui attorney need both!

 How to set up themes in WordPress

 Plugin recommendations

 and more! how to start a blog to make money